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Spotlight on Kyebom: Meet the Casts Behind the Laughter

Sophia Oforiwaah Sarfo: The Maestro Behind the Scenes

As the Production Manager and a seasoned Actor, Sophia Oforiwaah Sarfo is the unsung hero of Kyebom. Her role as an Assistant Director to the Director ensures the seamless execution of the production. From coordinating all production activities to supervising the cast and crew, Sophia ensures that every member delivers their best.

Meet the Casts Behind the Laughter
Meet the Casts Behind the Laughter

Come performance night, Sophia takes charge, ensuring the production emerges as a resounding success. Her love for Directing, Writing, Acting, and Music seeps into every facet of Kyebom, adding a unique touch to the spectacle.

Esinam Adzo Ziddah: Bringing Maureen to Life

In the uproarious comedy stage play Kyebom, Esinam Adzo Ziddah steps into the shoes of Maureen, a quintessential slay queen dominating the realm of social media. Her interactions revolve around her legion of followers, and material possessions are the key to her heart. Esinam’s portrayal promises to breathe life into this vivacious character.

Meet the Casts Behind the Laughter
Meet the Casts Behind the Laughter

Off the stage, Esinam finds solace in swimming, striking poses for the camera, and basking in the serenity of the beach. Her passion for Manchester United ignites the fervor of a true football enthusiast. Her favorite quote, “Don’t allow people with small brains to convince you your dreams are too small,” is a testament to her unwavering determination.

George Quagraine: Orchestrating Excellence as the Managing Director

At the helm of Phace Media stands George Quagraine, the Managing Director. He steers the ship, ensuring that the production house adheres to schedules and achieves its targets. George’s love for watching movies and diving into the depths of literature fuels his creative spirit, infusing it into every endeavor.

Meet the Casts Behind the Laughter
Meet the Casts Behind the Laughter

Drawn by a call from Isaac, fondly known as Bra Phlames, George embarked on this exciting project. With a background in Wesleyan theatre and a burning passion for the industry, he embraced the opportunity. The successful maiden production stands as a testament to his dedication and vision.

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Lawrencia Osei Acheampong: Unveiling Khalita, the Deebee Girl

In Kyebom, Lawrencia Osei Acheampong embodies Khalita, a Deebee girl whose formative years unfolded on foreign shores. Off the stage, Lawrencia’s interests lie in immersing herself in documentaries and docuseries, and her love for reading knows no bounds. Her portrayal promises to infuse Khalita with depth and authenticity.

Meet the Casts Behind the Laughter
Meet the Casts Behind the Laughter

Fred Nana Baffour (BBL): Where The Show Never Stops

Meet the Casts Behind the Laughter
Meet the Casts Behind the Laughter

As Nana One, the fetish Priest in Kyebom, Fred Nana Baffour, or BBL, brings an aura of mystique to the stage. His transition from diverse interests to focusing on Theatre Act is a testament to his belief in its transformative power. BBL’s journey to Phace Media Studios was paved with admiration for their performance in “Do Right By Me,” and his inclusion in Kyebom is a serendipitous meeting of minds.

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The cast of Kyebom invites you to witness a spectacle that promises laughter, entertainment, and moments of sheer brilliance. Phace Media’s growth and expertise since its inception in 2019 guarantee an unforgettable experience. Join us on the 23rd and 24th of September for a night of fun, enlightenment, and a good dose of laughter. Rest assured, “Kyebom” is where the magic happens, and you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

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