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New Single From D Rwoy: The Hottest Rising Artist

D Rwoy, the hottest rising Moroccan-based Ghanaian artist, is yet again surprising fans with another new single, “POUR TOI,” which translates as ‘FOR YOU.”

Pour Toi distinguishes itself from many of D Rwoy’s previous releases by fusing the French and English languages in order to satisfy his fan base, which is mostly made up of native French and English speakers.

“I realized I had a lot of francophone fans who loved my music so much but couldn’t fully understand and relate so I had to figure out a way to make them feel very much included in my music journey because I do need them, it’s the fanbase that makes you what you are, you need them streaming your music so you can make some money” said D Rwoy.

Whether or not you’re a fan of French music or English music, the lyrical themes, hooks, vocals and delivery are undeniably on point. This song is an afrobeat with the fusion of swing and blue notes, complex chords, call and response vocals and saxophone which drills home a youthful sounding.

One other key aspect to consider about D Rwoy’s new single ‘POUR TOI’ is the timing, We can all agree there’s no other perfect month like the month of love to celebrate love.

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D Rwoy
The hottest rising artist

In D Rwoy’s words ‘Given how personal songwriting often is, i wrote this song from a place of the joy that came with finding someone that met me right where i was and just made everything better especially having been away from my family in Ghana for a very long period of time. It’s quite interesting how you think you are doing just fine on your own and then someone just comes along and you are like, wow, I was not expecting all of these but I love it, and it’s like, you are willing to go out of way to do anything for this person.’

“I had already written this song in English and some parts in French, but I knew I needed a lot more accurate French expressions for the lyrics. I wanted an equilibrium between the French and English lyrics, that way I know I’m meeting my Franco-Anglo fanbase halfway and fairly,” D. Rwoy explained.

“So I called a very good friend of mine, André OBAME, a Gabonese, who I knew was a singer and a writer, but had never collaborated with him on any project”.

According to D Rwoy, “this was going to be our first. He came over and I explained the vision of the song to him and we got to work, we faced no obstacles, within three hours, we were done”.

“I recorded it some few days later in my room studio but I felt something was missing, I just felt I needed something extra and that thing was a saxophone sound”.

D Rwoy then contacted a Saxophonist friend, Youssef, a Moroccan, he told him about what he envisioned for the sound, and he nailed it. And that was how this music was birthed’

‘POUR TOI’ is a-must-listen-to and was made with so much love and intentionality, and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Link to music :

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